John A. Karr, writer

 Thanks for stopping by. You've reached the online presence of an eclectic writer. Nice phrase, if a bit stuffy. Basically, I write what strikes me as interesting. That encompasses thriller, general fiction, historical romance, dark heroic fantasy, horror, space opera and paranormal mystery. Currently I'm working on a science fiction thriller. The goal is to string words and sentences and paragraphs together in an entertaining way.

Writing, even with its manic highs and tortuous lows, rarely fails to grant intrinsic reward to the writer. But in the end, it is the reward of engaging a discerning reader that completes the effort. After all, who wants to write in a vacuum?  

Note the forested image at the top of this page. On it we see the slanted rays of a rising sun, some mist, and glimpses of pale blue sky through the branches. Below is a sunset image of Mars taken by one of the rovers, where the landscape of rock and sand is barren and lifeless and the weaker rays of a more distant sun can only illuminate the desolation.

Writing, on any given day, moves along a scale between these two extremes.

My current work in progress involves terra forming Mars. Imagine the picture below with some early plants, contributing to a breathable atmosphere. Of course, there is also an undesirable consequence....

Care for a free sample of the wares?

Try my horror short story, "The Apex Runner," paranormal mystery "Ghostly Summons," or

the speculative romance of "Van Gogh, Encore."

Stretching rigid limbs. Emerging. Rising. Ravenous ... for words and the worlds they create in the mind.