John A. Karr, writer


The writing thing. Exerciser of the imagination and physical manifestation. Family guy. IT worker. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ  North Carolina resident.

Fiction writing each day helps keep the demons at bay.

Author of a handful of novels: Ghostly Summons, Death Clause, Shattered, Rhone, and Van Gogh, Encore. Novellas include Ujahwek and Xeria. Short stories have appeared in Flame Tree Publishing's Crime & Mystery Short Stories anthology (2016),  Onyx Neon Shorts, Asylum Ink, Dark Gothic Resurrected magazine, Danse Macabre and Allegory.

More works are in progress. An ardent believer in the quote from Carl van Doren (1885-1950), U.S. man of letters: Yes, it's hard to write, but it's harder not to.

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